Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Still hibernated !!!!

Well just to let you know I am .... still here, just taking a break in this prolonged and cold winter/spring!!!

I had 3 colds in 3 months, a fourth started last night, so I am waiting for the warm weather to come back and lift this lazy cloud which has hovered over my head since the arrival of 2013 really!!!!!

It is hard to stay creative when there is so much going around you or not..... but I have not been totally apathetic : I had a spring clean out which started over a month ago, to stop the confusion inside and out of my brain, and after so many bags filled with years of purchases in books, clothes, trinkets, toys...etc I already feel much better and victorious! ( Still so much to do though!)

Next project is the purchase of a Kitchen Aid food processor and a kitchen island cabinet to start baking!!! ( Currently my kitchen is the size of a cupboard so baking is not an option, although I am sure that anything is possible with a bit of imagination!).

There is also a parallel plan to start a spring diet ( not necessarily a tandem idea with baking!) but fear not as I still have to save a few years to be able to afford the above...but what a dream this is!)

So to cheer us all up here are some cute pictures of little fluffy "possums" still hibernating as "moi", with lots of dreams of an overdue spring and so many things to do and accomplish!

Lots of cuddles from under the blanket, and talking of blankets I have so much fabric stashed away, waiting for sewing that my hands are itching and I hope to be back in a few weeks with the first craft projects pictures!


                                                              oooh .....hush hush .....

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Spring 2013: Retro Chic Fashion - 2

I also fell in love for Kate Spade bright fashion and accessories range: I LOVE my handbags and bangles, I love Pink, Orange, Yellow so I feel at home when I walk in one of the pretty stores recently opened here in London!

Fun & Colour, a great partnership!

These hand bags are so out there: I love the Radio one, the Pink retro purse and the Goggles!!!

I can't stop salivating for the pastel colour retro look!

I wish I had nails like these!

A bag good enough to read!

More Neon Pink! Delicious.

More Pink and Orange....I am melting! xxxxxxxx

Spring 2013 : Retro Chic Fashion - 1

It is sooo cold in London as I believe... "almost everywhere else" in the same latitude.... so it is nice to dream about the coming Spring, anticipating nice Retro Fashion with a wink to the 50's and 60's as inspiration !

I just fell in love with two Fashion labels, one MADE in the UK and the other in the USA!

First let's talk about Ted Baker, the shops are so eccentric and interesting that each one is a mini adventure in itself:
The Regent's St store has a crazy lift with 50 misterious red buttons, each plays a weird catchy song, rime, etc and I love going up and down just to try as many songs as possible, just like a child in a juke box - lift!!!

The Westfield store has fake grass and rabbits on...the ceiling! The Chelsea store has upside down displays stuck on the wall with quintessential old English crockery as to prepare for a weird Alice in Wonderland party! Even the Windows are strange and captivating... FANTASTIC!

Love the china inside a till counter! 

Posh clothes displays in a store abroad!

A very Cuckoo window display!

Some cleaver details here, there,,,everywhere!

Big Corgy dog in the window! Super cute.

Snapshot of a full wall with dressers stuck sideways ...superb !

Some pretty vintage parfum bottles decorate the till desk! Genious.

Upsidedown silver tea party!


Jelly detail!!!! Below a pastel dream in the British countryside....So retro perfect! To be Continued ...


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Retro obsession!!!


I am snowed in!!!

It is all white here in London, so I feel a bit hibernated and cold.... it also feels like all my creativity has migrated to some other far away hot country !

Tomorrow the schools are closed so I will have more time to snow ball fight with the kids....

Lucky for me I get some free time in the semi-warmth of my lounge in the evening and I get comfort by chasing vintage and retro ideas on Etsy and Ebay....

I am now stuck with the nostalgia of Vintage 50' Magazines.... I love the hair & make-up of the ladies of this time, also the fashion and humour...
Here is a small selection to keep your heart warm too....it works!!!!











                                                                                 Keep warm !!! xxx

Friday, 11 January 2013

Vintage Handbags & Compacts ... with a surprise!!!

Well here we are in 2013!!! Welcome back and best wishes for a Happy Year of Sewing and...good health!

I would like to celebrate the new year with a picture of All Saints shops, in London! I have always been fascinated by the number of Vintage Singers sewing machines on display and the industrial themed fittings, so here they are for us all to enjoy:

I have survived the last big holiday with the kids by exploring London, visiting the Science Museum, chasing the Sales with not much luck and ...being lazy as much as possible! Last week I went crazy because a BUG blocked the Upload of any pictures onto the Blog, so I was very upset about this estra long pause in my Blogging, but I just managed to find a way to solve temporarily  the issue so here are my pre-saved pictures..... enjoy!

Now it is back to school Mummy Taxi Service and all the usual suspects, so I am hoping to go back sewing asap !

In the meantime I have been busy at night time (!) my only free time, to surf the Web hunting for interesting Vintage collector items, and in the process I have obsessed over Vintage handbags....yes still handbags ....so I would like to share some real gems...!

I am currently in love with Vintage purses from the 50' and 60' s and evening Compacts or Minaudieres.  They are tiny pretty things, to die for really, and available on Ebay, Etsy or Vintage Markets ( Alexandra Palace Vintage Fair is a good one!!!)

I love the rigid shape of 50' purses, small things in precious leather, today it would be a show stopper with jeans!

American Manufactures Koret and Julius Resnick - JR produced lots of these cute bags, now easy to find on Etsy!

I like the attention to detail inside the bag with red leatherette!

And what about this quilted little number! Chanel and Hermes are really the best!

I fell in love with this Chanel mint green patent quilted classic hand bag, I even touched it in Harrods for a few seconds and I was in Heaven...try to believe this! It is a dream as retails over £ 3000.00 but I guess it is worth every penny, the interior is a matching leather with a secret love pocket....aaaahh!

This is Anya Hindmarch tiny option, Disco Mini cross body bag, it is minuscule but just adorable and weirdly heavy given the
microscopic size!


Here are some smaller examples of Vintage Compacts or Minaudieres, just enough space for a lipstick, powder and parfume!

As I am a toy collector at heart, I suggest the purchase of these alternative compacts as well, Mini Polly Pockets by Bluebird from the 80'..not good for an evening out but lots of fun in the day time, still available on Ebay...I got a few!
And they do not take up too muchspace either...so it is a win win situation!!!!

Well it is great to be back ...